Semen Collection and Analysis

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Semen Collection and Analysis

At Wyndham Veterinary Clinic we have the facilities to collect and analyse semen with the latest technology in assessment of sperm. With our reproduction laboratory fitted out with microscopes, warming devices and computer technology we are able to provide accurate sperm counts, assessment of sperm motility and assessment of sperm abnormalities. We provide all of this information for you in a detailed report with pictures and video of the sperm in action.

There are a number of reasons for performing a semen collection such as collection for an artificial insemination, for analysis of fertility, for chilling and transport interstate or for freezing and storing for future use.

To perform a collection we require an appointment to be made with our reproduction specialist in small animal, Dr John Watts on a Tuesday or Friday morning. We require pedigree papers and ownership details and a ‘teaser bitch’. A ‘teaser bitch’ is a bitch in season who is used to improve the chances of collecting a sperm sample. Without a teaser bitch the chances of collecting a sample adequate for freezing is low, especially if the dog has not been collected from before. The collection only takes a few minutes and the analysis is started immediately so you receive some results straight away.

Please contact our reproduction team on 0451956566 OR 97425556 and speak with us for current costs