The following prices are effective as of May 2021.

Consultation (Monday – Saturday)
Vaccination C3 / C5 – Dog
Vaccination F3 – Cat
Vaccination – Rabbit
Microchip (source code required for bookings – see below)
Puppy Pre School
Puppy High School
Behaviour Consultation


Please note that prices are subject to change.

Other procedures, such as dentals, can vary greatly in price and will require a consultation in order to assess your pet’s condition and to determine a personalised quote. We strongly recommend that any pet over the age of 8 years, should be seen by one of our vets prior to booking in for a procedure; even for routine procedures such as a dog castration.


Microchipping appointments now require a source code. This code enables the registration of the animal’s microchip. For more information and to register for a source code, please visit