Our Receptionists and Support staff

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Our Receptionists and Support Staff

Our reception and support team provide a vital role in the clinic, assisting our nurses and vets with bookings, communicating important pet health information and giving our patients lots of love to help them feel welcomed when visiting us.


Reception team leader

Kate started working as the reception manager in June 2021. With over 27 years in the Veterinary industry, she brings a huge amount of experience and knowledge to the role. Kate is passionate about communication and people and achieving customer satisfaction is always her goal. Her background includes emergency vet nursing, but customer service is what she really loves. At home she has two insane labradors (withdrawn Seeing Eye Dogs) Quentin and Jasper (pictured), and currently only has one cat (Maggie), having said goodbye to her beloved Burmese (Wilma) in 2019. She also has three furless adult children, one still living at home. Kate counts her blessings every day, because doing a job she loves, doesn’t feel like a job.



Christine began working at Wyndham Veterinary Clinic in 2011 and you will see her at the front desk as our friendly receptionist. Pictured with her two best friends “Zeeva”, an 8 year old labrador, and “Sally” a 4 month old cocker spaniel.



Billy started working with us in May 2017. She loves working here as working with animals is very enjoyable. She particularly loves the gorgeous puppies that visit the clinic. At home she has two dogs, Gerrard and Micah. She looks forward to seeing you at reception.



Holly Fox

Holly works on Reception and runs the Puppy classes but you may see her working as a Trainee Nurse on occasion. She has trained dogs since she was able to walk and continually works to build her skills as a Trainer and all-round animal lover. She has a Certificate in Animal Studies and is near completing a Certificate 3 in Dog Behaviour & Training to ensure the best and most up to date form of training for the welfare of the dog.’



Lora joined Wyndham Veterinary Clinic in February 2019. She loves working with the team and particularly enjoys meeting the animals who visit the clinic. Before working at the clinic, she spent a short time volunteering at an animal shelter. At home she has three pets, Bella, her golden retriever and two cheeky cats, Luna and Zeva. In her spare time she enjoys writing, painting and playing instruments.



Leanne began welcoming clients at reception in 2018. She has a strong love of fur babies and has 2 beautiful Shar Peis, Bear and Stella. She also loves cats, especially Norwegian forest cats. She was very fortunate to spend 15 beautiful years with her Norwegian forest cat, Weegie (pictured). She enjoys greeting and chatting with our clients and being able to show love to their pets during their visit



Lucie joined the team in July 2019 and loves to greet our clients and their pets at the clinic, especially the puppies. She has a 20 year old Burmese cat called Taya, an 8 year old Border Collie called Maddy (pictured) and a 17 month old Australian Shepherd called Alfie (pictured). Lucie has been a volunteer dog trainer at HBODC since 2014 and loves to help people with their puppie




Kennel Attendant

Sheila started helping our nurses and vets with us in 2010. She has always enjoyed animals and has been raised surrounded by them and considers there to be no better job than working amongst animals. She is the proud owner of a staffordshire, 3 cats, a pheasant, pigeons and the list goes on… All of them rescued. She loves helping the vets and nurses by giving the pets much needed cuddles while they recover from surgery. She can’t imagine her life doing anything else!


Animal assistant

Jessica has been working with our team here since October of 2020. She is excited to learn more as the months go by as she loves working with animals. Jessica is the proud owner of a mischievous, adorable cat named Millie. She started her life as a stray kitten and after being rescued, found her forever home. In her spare time, Jessica is passionate about drawing, arts and crafts and talking to all the animals that come into our clinic. One day she hopes to foster animals and have a house full of rescued cats and kittens.