Behaviour Consultations

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Behavioural Consultations

Does your dog have any behavioural issues? Behavioural consultations are held at our clinic by Dee, our dog behaviour guru. Whether it is a problem that requires training or behaviour modification, we can help. We provide an individual 1 hour consultation in our clinic to discuss and assess the problem and devise a training plan with you.

Behavioural consultations are recommended for behaviour modification and training plans for your dog for issues such as

  • Barking,
  • Digging,
  • Separation anxiety,
  • Fear related behaviours,
  • Introducing a new baby to your dog etc.

If you are unsure if a behavioural consultation is recommended or an individual training class please speak to Dee directly for advice.

If you wish to book or have any further questions please call us on 9742 5556.

For a current cost please see our price list.

Appointments can also be made through Dee direct: 0423 208 127 or or through veterinary referral.

We are very lucky to have our qualified dog training instructor, Dee, on our team. With over 30 years experience training dogs from service dogs, therapy dogs, guide dogs, police dogs, obedience/agility/tracking dogs for trialing, to of course the extra special pet dog. She is also a qualified veterinary nurse (RCVS UK), is a qualified assessor of therapy dogs, has a Diploma with distinction in Canine Psychology and Cert IV TAE (teaching qualification).

Dee runs Wyndham Veterinary Clinic’s Puppy Pre School, Puppy High School, Individual Dog Training Sessions and Canine Behavioural Consultations.

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